Updated: Jan 19, 2019

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Here are a few of my tips to help you to stay focused and be more productive and effective this week. - 1. Have a Daily Action Plan! You don't need a massive game plan for the day, what you need is a simple Action Plan that allows you to focus your attention on the 3 - 5 things you actually need to accomplish during the day. It's all about priorities, so work on the few things which will allow you to make the biggest impact! - 2. Set Deadlines! If you want to be more productive and effective then you have to work to a schedule. You have to give yourself a chance to focus and do what needs to be done within a certain time frame. The good news is that you get to choose that time frame! So start getting into the habit of starting and finishing projects within a reasonable time frame. Then you can move onto the next task or project with a clear mind and fresh outlook. - 3. Give yourself time! If you want to be more effective, then you have to learn to slow things down and be more deliberate in your approach to work and life. Stop rushing around and start giving yourself enough time to gather your thoughts and put yourself in a powerful state of mind. Be in control of yourself at all times! - 4. Limit distractions! You can't be effective in any way if your mind and attention is constantly scattered. Limit your meetings, discussions, social media and any activity that ultimately isn't related to the current task at hand. Give yourself designated times throughout the day to check your social media or call your partner or take meetings. A lack of focus is what kills productivity and effectiveness. - 5. Listen! Open your ears, rather then your mouth. If you learn to listen more effectively you will be able to identify the opportunities and challenges that exist in front of you. You can save a lot of time and stress by learning to listen and pause before you respond thoughtfully. - 6. Focus on what you can do! The most important thing to focus on is what you can do right now with the information you have at hand. Make informed decisions and find a way to move forward. Being effective means you find a solution and don't dwell on the problem and what has already occurred!

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Dr. Keith R. Harley, Jr.

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