Paddy McCracken - BE BOLD GO BIG‼️

We have been highlighting entrepreneurs,  and business leaders in our communities that are making a difference to inspire us to Step Up to Level Up!

Today, I would like to highlight my buddy Paddy McCracken!

A businessman and community leader! I love his consistency in continuing to inspire us as leaders on the regular basis! Always has a positive attitude and loves to give back

Lets congratulate Paddy as this weeks StepUp leader!

Here is a little about him: Paddy McCracken was born into an entrepreneurial family where he quickly learned that being a business owner was the ticket to a better lifestyle.  Leaving college after only 3 semesters, Paddy moved to Southern California to pursue his dreams as a young entrepreneur and start with his first Direct Sales Company.  After many years of growth, struggle, and sacrifice, Paddy found his stride in his 2nd company and built an organization of over 100,000 distributors and hundreds of millions in sales.  Paddy and his wife Desiree live in Denver Colorado.

Paddy, Thank you for all you do!

Keith R. Harley Jr. Dr. Keith R. Harley, Jr. Trichologist, Motivational Trainer, and Author