Blair Billings - BE BOLD GO BIG!

Help me congratulate Blair Billings!

I have had the pleasure of knowing this woman for over 10years❗️ Her work ethic, her amazing leadership and her ability to change lives is over the top!

Get to know her, Ms. Blair Billings, this weeks StepUp Community Leader and Business woman!

30 years ago(this month) I took a huge leap of faith that changed my life forever! While in college I was in a wedding party and introduced to the world of Direct Sales. I had no idea what I was saying yes too! All I heard was “be your own boss” & “no glass ceilings”! I decided I had nothing to loose and jumped in not knowing it would be the vehicle to allow me to earn executive income, travel the world & be at home to raise my kids!!

I said no to my fears & yes to my dreams!! And I have been dreaming ever since!

This industry truly is a personal growth business with a beautiful unlimited paycheck attached! It’s about watching women transform and live their very best life on their own terms! So thankful for the freedom it has given me & my family over the last 3 decades & the incredible women I have partnered with everyday that are more like family than business partners!

Everyday is a blessing when you are doing something that fulfills your purpose in life!! For me that purpose is to help every day ordinary women be extraordinary and live the life they love!

We are all here to be a blessing for others, so glad I found an industry that aligns with my purpose to make an impact on as many lives as I can, thankful & blessed to be doing what I love!! Blair

Dr. Keith R. Harley, Jr.

Trichologist, Motivational Trainer, and Author