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Dr. Michael D. Gatson, a native of Louisiana but currently resides in Bowie, Maryland. He currently serves as the Director of a Mental Health Clinical Center in the VA Maryland Healthcare System. Michael is involved in the treatment of service members and veterans with chronic combat-related post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), military sexual trauma, and marital issues. He also provides psychodiagnostic testing and psychological assessment to clients who display clinically severe or unusual mental disturbances. Michael is responsible for program development, budget development, fiscal management, and personnel management. He also serves as a contributing faculty member at Walden University, UMUC, and The Catholic University. He has served as an Officer in the United States Army Medical Reserve for seven years.

As a researcher, practitioner, consultant, and author he has dedicated his career to serving, educating and training some of the most vulnerable populations. Michael is also the founder of G&E Associates, LLC, a motivational and consulting firm; providing clinical consultation, workshops, and training to other behavioral health-care providers. He has presented more than a hundred seminars on PTSD, Suicide Prevention, LGBTQ, and HIV/AIDS. Michael has published in several professional journals on PTSD, Suicide Prevention, and LGBTQ military families.

Michael's most recent publication is his first illustrated children’s book entitled “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.” Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep is a valuable age-appropriate resource that can encourage open and honest communication to help families deal with mental illness and remove the stigma of seeking help through therapy. It is also a great book that aims to impart hope, reassure a parent’s love and educate individuals about the importance of addressing their mental health. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep challenges readers to understand the effects of a traumatic experience and shows compassion and tolerance towards individuals, who continue to suffer in silence after their traumatic experiences. The characters are relatable, and the language is natural for elementary students, teens, and families to understand. Illustrations contribute to the story and each of the characters emotions. The book is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and on my website I also have a T-shirt line to educate everyone about the importance of addressing their mental health and reducing the stigma.

The Don't Label Me shirt: Represents Don't Label Me because I have decided to take care of my mental health. One great way to overcome the stigma is by acknowledging the importance of our mental health and well-being. Another great way to overcome the stigma is improving people’s attitude towards mental health and increase the willingness to talk about our mental health struggles with a licensed therapist.

The MaGnet shirt represents I have a purpose in life. I am surrounding myself with people who make me better. I am a magnet of joy, love, and abundance. I am enough. Who are you attracting? Who is in your circle? Your circle should want to see you win, pushing you every day, and encouraging your growth. Check out the link below to purchase your t-shirt and join the movement to educate people about the importance of addressing your mental health.

Michael is a graduate of Northwestern State University. After earning a B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Finance, He continued his education at Grambling State University earning a Master's of Social Work. After working in the field as a clinical provider, he decided to complete his Ph.D. in Psychology.

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