Dr. Keith Harley

Trichologist, Hair and Scalp Specialist, Motivational Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur and Trainer


Dr. Keith R. Harley, Jr. brings more than 32 years of hair, scalp amd business leadership , product development, restoration & maintenance innovation, and education to clients and industry peers. 

Guard your circle of influence, create a tribe that makes you LEVEL UP!

With his foundational skill sets in Styling, Hair and Scalp, and Cosmetology Dr. Keith (Dr. Harley) holds a Doctorate of Trichology from the National Institute of Cosmetology.


Dr. Keith is the owner of Keith Harley Hair and Scalp Clinic in Virginia that specialize in the care of clients seeking assistance with hair and scalp disorders . With a team of stylist,


Dr. Keith has created a 25 year operation that is committed to the treatment of the hair and disorders of the scalp. Each team member is dedicated to providing clients with the styles, and hair and scalp maintenance techniques that highlight their personal and professional lifestyles. His work in Trichology has led to his work in industry leading innovation with products such as advanced Hair and Scalp Solutions with formula vitamins for healthy hair and scalp.

Dr. Keith has worked with many clients as he assist in taking your brand to another level! Whether it is in business or individually!

He has worked with Eva long Goria, Michael Jackson, Debra Lee, President of BET, with the Obama Administration, doing the hair for the guest that attended the White House for special events, and many many more!

As the branding and business development for Dr Gloria Mayfield Banks,

Dr. Keith assist Gloria with her style, he has helped developed Gloria gowns, speaking attire and image for the past 10 years!

Keith and Gloria have developed a new online show called “ Secure The Bag “ February 2017, Dr. Keith launched Keith Harley Products

That consist of shampoos and conditioners for hair and scalp disorders for all hair types!

He has a Biotin Shampoo, a Biotin Conditioner, Biotin Vitamins, therapeutic Shampoo and Conditioner and a new product being released on November 1st called the Argon Oil reconstructive mask for the hair !

In additional to his entrepreneurial efforts, Dr. Keith is a community leader and mentor serving on the boards of N Street Village , The Smithsonian and volunteers as well. Dr. Keith is a respected international speaker, leader in the direct sales and trainer on leadership and anti-aging articulating his motivational approach to health, style and attitude wellness in his upcoming release “Step Up ” to be published December 27, 2018

Dr. Harley speaks to youth, single mothers and men on your present citation is not your final destination!